Memory Quilts 

What evokes memories for you?  Is it a scent... a song... a photo or a favorite outfit?   Clothing plays a large role in our memories.  What you wore to school, to your first dance, at your first job (just after reading dress for success, of course) all evoke special memories.  Check out our gallery of quilt projects.

Now those pieces of clothing can be preserved in a special memory quilt created just for you.  Here are a few ideas for the items you can use to create your own memory quilts

  • T-shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Fleece vests and jackets
  • Blue jeans
  • Baby Clothes
  • Men's ties

At Sew Creative we help you preserve your memories by stitching them into fun, practical items that continue to enhance your life each day!  Check out our gallery of quilts or call or email Patti about your custom quilt idea!


Memory Pillows and Bears

Just like memory quilts, memory pillows and memory bears are made out of favorite pieces of clothing that are no longer wearable.

Dad's collection of ties that he no longer wears might make a great pillow to slide behind his back on the couch.

A favorite shirt, t-shirt or sweatshirt can also make a great pillow.  A collection of sports team shirts can be converted into pillows for the seating area in your TV room.

Baby clothes galore?  Save them in a memory bear!  Use several items to make different parts of the bear's body.  It's a fun way to say "Remember when?"