Traverse City seamstress Patti Clouse has been sewing for over 30 years.  From a first purple gingham check skirt that she made in Home Economics class she's expanded her repertoire to just about any type of custom sewing you need.

While her daughters were growing up Patti made their outfits -- everything from school clothes to prom dresses.  And, because sewing is her passion Patti's the one friends call on for alterations and mending.

Now she's turned that passion for sewing into a business where she offers an array of services for busy people and those who just don't sew themselves.  The services Patti offers include:

  • Alterations -- because nothing really comes off the rack fitting perfectly.   Patti can help you have a wardrobe that looks as if it's custom fitted.  Buying clothes online?  Rather than send them back, call Patti!
  • Mending -- a few loose stitches or a small tear don't have to be the end for a favorite outfit. Chances are Patti can find a way to rescue that garment so that you can continue to enjoy it.
  • Custom clothing -- want a special look in a special fabric?  Patti can help.
  • Creative gifts -- bunnies at Easter, Teddy bears year-round, rag quilts to keep you or your loved ones warm in the winter and T-shirt quilts and pillows -- for the memories.   Patti also makes practical gifts like microwave bowl holders so you can heat a bowl in the microwave and remove it safely -- no matter how hot the contents.  She also does beach bags and schlep bags -- making it easy to take a day's worth of "stuff" with you in just one bag.

Don't see what you're looking for on this list?  Give Patti a call at 231-409-4491 and see what she can do for you.  Patti loves a challenge!