Now that I have product made to sell, where do I sell it??

Sewing is my passion and I like doing production, now to find a place to sell my product!

I have joined a few Craft show facebook pages to keep up where and when show are. When I learn about a show coming up, I need to find a contact person, to see if they still have booths left, how much the booth is and how far away it is.

There are a few different types of shows.

A Juried show is one that usually will only let handmade crafter's have a booth. With a juried show, there is an application, and then I have to send pictures of my product, and sometimes a picture of how my booth was set up at another show. Then they have a panel of people who review my information, and product and decide if I am someone who fits within their mold. They will contact me if I make the grade, and I put it on my calendar.

Then there is a regular craft show which may or may not let direct sales people have a booth, some do, some do not. My opinion is let them in, there is room for all of us! Most  craft shows will have an application, basic information, and what and what I make. Some provide a table and chair, some do not. I have my own, so not a problem.

Then there are the farmers markets and outside craft shows. With this I must have my own tables and chair and usually requires a tent. Which I have as well. 

The cost for a show ranges from $15.00 to $100.00. The earlier you apply the better chance to get into the show. Then there is the question of how far do I want to travel? This year because I am still working full time I have limited my self to a range of up to 100 miles away. I have found some very good shows in this range too.

One of the best ways I find out about shows is word of mouth, so if you know of any shows, please take a moment and let me know, I would appreciate it very much!