Memory bears

Memory bears or a memory quilt are great ways to display and keep those memories alive when a loved one passes. I use 3-4 pieces of clothing to make the bear. 

A memory quilt is made so you can wrap yourself in the memories of your loved one, or to just display to always have those memories. I piece the quilt together with favorite colors and colors that go with the clothing provided.

I pride myself in listening to what you need, how you need the bear or quilt to look. I will always try to get the project down when it is needed most.

I recently made 7 memory bears to be made for great grandchildren, I worked with the family on a Thursday as to what pieces of clothing they wanted to use for each bear. Their desire was to have 4 of the bears done by Tuesday of the next week so the children could receive the bears at that time. I was happy to be able to complete the 4 bears and get them to the family in that time frame. While this may not always be the way projects go, I will always do m best for my clients.